Empowering Children To Reach Their God-Given Potential

Our application for new families for the 2024/25 school year will open on Oct 2!

Act fast to secure your spot in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. All faiths are welcome and financial aid is available to all who apply.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in South Philadelphia nurtures the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth of students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Families of all faiths choose St. Thomas Aquinas for a

high-quality, faith-based education

in a safe and loving environment.

As one of the 14 Independence Mission Schools,

we teach values and morals

as part of an academically rigorous curriculum.

Our private school is affordable because

every family receives financial aid

that reduces the cost of tuition.



St. Thomas Aquinas Parish to celebrate its 136th year

On July 16, 2023, the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish will celebrate its 136th year of existence in honor of its patron saint, St. Thomas Aquinas. A special multicultural mass at 2pm will kick off the event followed by a celebration on the grounds of the parish. For more...

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The Future is Bright

Where St. Thomas Aquinas 8th Graders Went to High School in 2023

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“I love the commitment of each staff member to the development of every child in the building. There’s a serious commitment to ensuring our children are well rounded young people.”

LaToya Marie

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

1631 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School